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Strengthening community one family at a time

Team Sesheme

Team Sesheme

Our Board of Directors 2017-2019
Our Mission:

To empower and support people to connect, participate and contribute to the larger community.

Our Vision:

We resolve to build villages within cities where cultural and family connections weave the fabric of dynamic, vibrant communities, built on a strong foundation of shared responsibility – one to another.

Sesheme is governed by a committed and experienced volunteer Board of Directors:

Simone Atungo – Chairperson

CEO, Anne Johnston Health Station-Tobias House Attendant Care

Sinqo Ndlovu – Secretary

Service Activation Coordinator, Ontario Telemedicine Network

Lisa Watts – Treasurer

Traffic Supervisor, Metroland Media Group

Magdalene Lafontant – Director

Principal, The Tranquil Room Spa

Meet team Sesheme:

Engagement Coordinators: Awa Ibrahim, Brianna Asare, Nellme Guttierrez

Program Coordinator:Tina Hwamaridza and Nikita

Moderation Team: Sanya Dacres, Robert Okine, and Mariya Suvarova

Managing Director: Gladys Okine