Team Sesheme

Our Board of Directors 2017-2019

Our Mission: To empower and support people to connect, participate and contribute to the larger community.

Our Vision: We resolve to build villages within cities where cultural and family connections weave the fabric of dynamic, vibrant communities, built on a strong foundation of shared responsibility – one to another.

Sesheme is governed by a committed and experienced volunteer Board of Directors:

Simone Atungo (Chairperson)

CEO, Anne Johnston Health Station-Tobias House Attendant Care 

Sinqo Ndlovu (Secretary) 

Service Activation Coordinator, Ontario Telemedicine Network 

Lisa Watts (Treasurer) 

Traffic Supervisor, Metroland Media Group 

Magdalene Lafontant (Director)

Principal, The Tranquil Room Spa 


Meet team Sesheme:

Engagement Coordinators: Awa Ibrahim, Brianna Asare, Nellme Guttierrez

Program Coordinator – Tina Hwamaridza and Nikita

Moderation Team: Sanya Dacres, Robert Okine, and Mariya Suvarova

Managing Director: Gladys Okine