Career Crush Camp 2019


“Littee Commitee, Feelin Pretty”


– Camper


“My goal is to graduate from Harvard University”




“Social media is becoming a vital marketing tool for entrepreneurs”


–  Juliet Dakpo


“I truly believe that natural beauty is the best beauty”


– Magdalene Lafontant


“Just because something’s difficult, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy doing it”


– Rahel Woldegiorgis


“Everyone should be treated equally; no matter their gender, race, beliefs, or their sexual preference”


– Camper


“A business is much more than just selling a product”


– Adjoa Duncan


“Experience is one of the key things that are essential when applying for a job”


   – Camp Counselor



“Hakuna Matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days”

– The Lion King



You have to take the initiative and be eager to learn”


 – Career Panelist


Leader’s in Training (L. I. T.)

The Leaders in Training session at Career Crush Camp encourages young girls​ between the ages of 11-15 to demonstrate confidence in their career aspirations and pursue any goals they may have in mind.

In the span of 2 weeks, the girls will obtain transferable skills which they can use when applying for a job or when making a career choice. Moreover, camp workshops will cover interesting topics that encompass hands-on activities, career exploration, and personal reflection. Overall, campers will be informed about unconventional career pathways and exposed to an empowering environment where they are guaranteed to make positive life changes.

The first day of camp commenced by giving the girls an informed understanding about the program’s goals through a brief overview of the camp’s activities and workshops.  To get comfortable in the space, the girls were able to build strong friendships and learn about each other through a series of icebreaker games and conversations. Day 1 of Career Crush Camp established campground rules and explored the qualities of an upstanding leader through discussions and hands-on activities. By the end of camp, the girls will gain a thorough understanding about the workplace and how to achieve successful futures in whichever pathway they choose to follow.

Day 2 of camp focused on educating the campers about the importance of setting goals for yourself through the “Goal Setting” workshop by encouraging self-growth and influencing positive life changes. During the “Goal Setting” workshop, the girls completed a goals wheel by listing all their short term and long term goals. In the afternoon, the girls had the “Career Discovery” workshop where they learned how to research their career pathway for their prospective careers in order to prepare for the next steps in their future. In the afternoon, they were to research a specific career during the “Career Discovery” workshop to recognize the potential opportunities they have. Through the workshop, the girls obtained both computer literacy skills and knowledge about how they should prepare for their selected career.

Day 3 entailed a deeper understanding behind each camper’s career pathway. ​The morning began with career presentations, where they were able to deliver the findings they obtained from the “Goal Setting” workshop. This was followed by a conversation on entrepreneurship with guest speaker Juliet Dakpo, who is also an entrepreneur herself. Juliet Dakpo provided the girls with an idea about how entrepreneurship works and the benefits of running your own business. The day concluded with the “Career Discovery” workshop which helped the campers learn how to compose a professional resume and cover letter when applying for a job.

Day 4 of Career Crush Camp invokes teaching the campers how to maintain proper hygiene and mental health through the “Slay Sistah” workshop; which informed the girls about how to make positive relationships, reduce stress, and boost self-confidence.  During the “Slay Sistah” workshop, we had guest speaker Magdalene Lafontant; an esthetician and tutor at the Anderson College who gave the girls an insight about the changes they will see in their bodies as they grow into womanhood. She also provided useful tips on reducing skin problems and the key aspects of having the right mentality; such as eating less fatty/processed foods, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, and wearing less makeup.

Day 5 day of camp began with an empowering presentation from the “What’s my Superpower” workshop. The purpose is to empower campers to make positive choices and realize their full potential. Motivational speaker, Shequita Thompson-Reid, alongside the manager of Transitional Housing, Rahel Woldegiorgis, presented the girls with various activities that helped them explore their talents, dreams, interests, and abilities. From this workshop, the girls uncovered skills they did not acknowledge beforehand and the importance of volunteering at a young age. This workshop demonstrated how their skills and experience can help them apply for a future job and act as steps to pave their way towards the right direction.

We start off day 6 of session 2 of Career Crush Camp with a brief intro and few ice breaker games. The goal is to highlight the importance of being self-aware both in our personal and professional lives. The “Safe in the Six” workshop informs the girls about their rights in the workplace and bullying prevention. Some of the campers also volunteered to share some of their own experiences dealing with bullying and were very encouraging and supportive of one another. The workplace rights section touched on the rights they have as employees such as the “right to refuse”; which enables the employee to refuse a task in the workplace.

We begin day 7 with the “Spill the Tea” workshop! The girls learn how to communicate effectively with family, friends, and the community. They also develop their active listening skills. After the workshop, the girls apply the skills they’ve obtained to play the “Blind Square game”: they must use their communication skills to form a square out of rope while being blindfolded. This activity requires the campers to be active listeners and be able to use their remaining 4 senses to communicate with everyone in their group in order to provide/obey certain instructions. Both groups successfully managed to complete the square through the skills they obtained from the “Spill the Tea” workshop!

The morning of day 8 starts with a journal entry exercise; the girls reflect upon the skills they have learned over the past 2 weeks. Later, the girls completed the “We’re all in One Fam” workshop which helped the girls to understand what a healthy community and workplace environment looks like – which includes being diverse, equitable, and inclusive! After the workshop, the girls watched “Akeelah and the Bee” and were able to make relevant connections to the “We’re all in One” workshop. Finally, the campers had the the “Stay Woke” workshop where they learn about the importance of being involved in their communities. Campers are given a chance to look at where they can gain experience through volunteering. The workshop inspired the girls to always be active members within their community and be able to take the initiative whenever possible.

For day 9 of Career Crush Camp, the campers go on a field trip to the movies to watch the live action-remake of the “Lion King”. The campers enjoyed the movie and were able to make some memorable moments bonding over their favourite characters and scenes. This trip served as a rewarding experience for the campers in recognition of all their involvement and hard work during the workshops and discussions.

The final day of Career Crush Camp concluded with a field trip to Publicis Sapient! There, the campers got to meet with panelists from diverse backgrounds and engage in personal and career-related discussions. The campers were amazed by the overall experience and were eager to ask questions. This experience served as an impressionable one for the campers and hopefully opened new and unconventional pathways for the campers to explore later in their lives.




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