The Sesheme Foundation works to restore the importance of family and cultural appreciation to community development.  We coordinate best-practice programs that give individuals and families in need seamless support in the areas of family support, education and enhanced employability.

Program Description
Cultural Internships for Youth Creates a paid learning opportunity by placing young people aged 15-25 in paid environments making ethno-cultural contributions to communities across the GTA.
Seniors Clubs Active groups of seniors aged 50+ who come together across diverse communities to increase their physical and social activity by contributing to communities and shared learning,
Back2School Backpack Fundraising Drive Provides vulnerable children and youth with much needed backpacks and grade level appropriate school supplies
Financially Savvy Women Providing the foundation necessary for women and girls to make thoughtful and responsible decisions about spending, saving, borrowing, and investing. Like reading or writing, economic literacy is an essential life skill.
Style Suite This fashion-based support group engages women through the medium of traditional and cultural fashion design and dress-making. Style Suite empowers women to create clothes and accessories of their own design while supported by professional seamstresses, designers, and facilitators.
Career Camp Crush Designed for young women aged 15-24 this camp connects participants to a team of career mentors and professionals working in various fields. The program is delivered as a 1 week intensive during March Break and a 2- week summer camp.
Sesheme Seasons of Giving Brightening the holiday season for new immigrant families and young mothers who face social isolation and other barriers
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