Sesheme Seniors

The Sesheme Foundation values the role seniors play in the community. Not only are they wise elders, they are also talented individuals capable of continuing to make incredible contributions to the community through service.

While 50+ adults offer great promise to community building efforts, the volunteer infrastructure to engage them effectively is limited. The number and type of service opportunities available to this demographic doesn’t reflect the diversity, skills, and needs of this valuable group. This is especially true of newcomer seniors who have English as a second or third language.

The Sesheme Seniors are active groups of seniors who’ve come together to increase their physical and social activity as a way of contributing to their communities. Clubs must have at least 6 members and be open to more members. Members meet at least once per month and engage in activities which promote cultural exploration and shared learning.

Financially Savvy Seniors

Financially Savvy Seniors (“FSS”) has as its’ main objective expanding awareness of elder abuse, with a particular focus on financial abuse. Through leadership development and peer support based on retirement/financial literacy.  Through this project, seniors will take the lead in working with the Project Coordinator to establish a support group where seniors can feel safe to discuss issues of concern, connect with subject-matter experts to increase awareness and understanding of available tools and resources. Launching in April 2018, the project will wrap up with a city-wide forum where all participants will share and showcase resources developed.

A project funded under the New Horizons for Seniors Program of the Government of Canada.

Sesheme Seniors Fitness

The Sesheme Seniors Fitness project is a culturally-appropriate, intergenerational health and wellness initiative. The main objective is social inclusion and participation of seniors through leadership development, based on cultural health and fitness practices. Supported by Program Coordinator, seniors lead by planning and delivering classes.

Generously supported by the Ontario Ministry of Seniors Affairs.

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